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Repurposed this old scene to see if how will the IGA rig perform with complicated poses. It's not... bad. I'm actually surprised. It's one of the MGO suits shared by george_sears (thanks dude!). The base rig is copied from Quiet, which is theoretically best pick for the job.

I'm not the best at this and it's also possible that I made it all for nothing, since a new fmdl converter popped up and I want to try it soon.
So -TWO YEARS LATER- I browsed whatever rips from MGS (unfortunately all of them static objs) I could find, and decided to fit up this bdu, since I always liked it.
I needed something I could personalize stuff on to my liking, like jackets and harnesses, got those in the files too. As well as male versions.

The worst thing are gloves, I can't be bothered to copy weights from every goddamn finger separately, so I'm swapping palms with some models from the community.

Wouldn't be so annoying if I knew how to port rigged elements from MGO, if that's even possible, but I had bad results with the base game itself, and got myself discouraged from trying further.

Ohemgee, I managed to finish this little crap in time! It still needs SOMETHING, but I'm not sure what yet, so you may expect me updating it later.

I obv took pose reference from that one pic I posted in scraps the other day, because that's what I generally got into XPS for, to draw accurate poses. I normally hate this perspective, yet I pick it a lot, and it drives me crazy, so having a reference without looking for stock pics on the internet is awesome.

What, why in time you ask, it's that if Ben was a real person, he'd be born today, 8th of November 2017, somewhere in Germany. Oh, and while I normally draw his hair straight, they should be more curly, like here, but it was (still is?) way too difficult for me with pencil on paper.

I'm glad it's done, because I'm out of touch and stressed out, worrying I can't even do such simple thing in time. It is one-of-a-kind situation. Finally I grabbed a can of beer and loosened up a bit, and here you go. Nothing great, but at least I don't hate on it, like I usually do.

Edit 1: minor shadowing fixes
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I see that most of you have problems with listing just 10 chars, but I have the opposite of it, so I will have to stretch out a bit...

1. You must list ten different favourite characters from ten different fandoms
2. Tag 10 people who must do the same.

10 - Tuuri Hotakainen - Stay Still. Stay Silent webcomic - for being able to make the ultimate sacrifice. Also because she resembles the teenage me, manipulative lying little shit, whether she was aware of it or not.

9 - Vekk - Guild Wars - asura master race, but this one is voiced by Maurice LeMarche, bookah!

8 - Angua von Überwald - Discworld series - well, what can I say.

7 - Izumi Noa - Patlabor series - her airheaded attitude is just infectious, plus having folks that own a liquor store? Boss.

6 - Maria Barring/Milva - Witcher series (books) - A.S. fucking loves to torture and abuse women he wrote, and I hate him for it. Milva had no easy life, nor easy end. Suffering makes her a realistic character, but there's just too much of it. The good thing is that Milva had some good people around her, and women that appreciated and looked up to her.

5 - Nicolas Brown - GANGSTA. - a mute-deaf midget with a sword, COME OOOON

4 - Salem Saberhagen - StTW - well... I like cats?... With attitude?...

3 - Commandurrrr Shepurrrrd - Mass Effect series - because they can be what they want, that's why.

2 - Prompto Argentum - FF - because the amount of self doubt he expresses makes him very relatable, yet he's so hard working and positive. I always wanted to fit in somewhere, but I'll never have as many guts to pretend someone I am not.

1 - Deunan Knute - Appleseed (does it even has a fandom?...) - for being a well fleshed out character with her strong and weak sides, and of course speaking of the comic one, because animations completely destroy her personality.

Uhhhh.... Anyone I'd tag was tagged already or are permanently away, except for psychicsocial T-RexJones Jhourney ? You guys there? Have fun if you'd like!
MFF_Summoner v2
I forgot about this one. The full version of the summoner, but with guardian in the back that wasn't official yet. Eventually ended up as my wallpaper.


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You see the "announcement" of Bulletstorm Remastered?
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Yes, had a bit mixed feelings about the publisher, but at this point I'd be happy to play again without that GFWL crap.
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